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Swinging Richards Male Dancers Answers-Leo

We got up close and personal with Leo – See his answers to your questions below At Swinging Richards, when YOU ask our male dancers – WE answer.  Our dancers were happy to give you the lowdown on their down low. You asked for the dirty details and they let it all hang out.  You know […]

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Get the Dirty Details from Swinging Richards

This is your chance to get the dirty details from your favorite Richard Get the dirty details from your favorite Richard.  If you could ask our Swinging Richards dancers one question what would it be?  This is your chance to fantasize about your favorite Richard.  Would you want to know where he got his smooth […]

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Any Questions? Fire Away

If you still have questions for our dancers, now is the perfect time to ask. Still have some questions for our dancers? You may have missed out when we did our first question and answer post but there isn’t any need to get flustered (unless you happen to be thinking about our dancers). We are […]

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Answers From the Dancers

You asked, the dancers answered, see their answers below Our dancers were flattered and in awe when they saw all your questions pouring in.  You guys really wanted to dig deep. Just for you, our dancers took time out of their busy schedules of getting shredded in the gym and working on their sexy dance […]

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