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Save The Date

Save the date for our next two events so you don’t miss out on all the fun. A “save the date” is in order, because we have some wild events coming up in September and October. You don’t want to be the guy who is listening to your friend’s insane stories from their weekend at […]

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These Specials Aren’t Here Forever

Our July specials aren’t here for much longer – what are you going to do about it? Our specials for this month are coming to an end. There are only two opportunities, tonight and Friday night, to let our July specials help you have a night you won’t remember to forget. What are you waiting […]

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Overheated In The Best Way

Don’t get overheated outside – come to Swinging Richards and heat things up in a new way. Getting overheated in the sun is one thing. It’s a whole different ball game to come to Swinging Richards and get hot and bothered by all the eye candy that we have waiting for you. We can definitely […]

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July Specials Just For You

 The July specials are here and hotter than ever. Our July specials are sure to give you an extra shot of liquid courage to make the night as hot as it can be. June went out with a bang with some phenomenal specials and with another month comes another set of specials. We think these […]

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Recovery From A Hot Weekend

Still in recovery mode after last weekend? A week of recovery is just enough to get you back in the action and come to Swinging Richards this weekend. Recovery from what? If you have to ask then we must offer our condolences. Our Fourth of July weekend was nothing short of wild, a little naughty, […]

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June Specials (And More)

Our June specials won’t last forever gentlemen, make sure you take advantage of them. The June specials we’re offering are almost as hot as the night you’re bound to have when you come to Swinging Richards. We love to make you feel like the king you are, so let us give you the royal treatment and show […]

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Get Wet With Us

Come get wet with the hottest guys around at Swinging Richards. Get wet with us this weekend at Swinging Richards. The steamy summer months are here and there are so many ways to get wet. You can take a refreshing dive into a pool and spend the rest of the day sweating it out in […]

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Sexy Summer Kickoff

A summer kickoff sounds just hot and heavy enough for us to enjoy. A summer kickoff is in the works for this weekend at Swinging Richards. No, we don’t have a party planned for a specific reason. But really, what other reason do you need to come by and have a wild time other than […]

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Pool Days and Swinging Richards Nights

Pool days aren’t the only hot way to spend your summer. Pool days are a tried and true, wet and wild way to spend your summer season. There really is nothing like getting oiled up and laying out in the hot sun then taking a refreshing dip in the pool to cool yourself off. There […]

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Summer Plans Gone Wild

What summer plans are you already looking forward to? Summer plans don’t have to fall by the wayside just because you don’t get a long break anymore. Sure, what is better than being a young student with two months to blow off steam and get a little wild? Not much, but those days are behind […]

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