If you could ask a Swinging Richards Dancer one question-What would it be???

What do you want to know about our Swinging Richards dancers?

If you could ask our Swinging Richards dancers one question what would it be?  This is your chance to fantasize about your favorite Richard.  Would you want to know where he got his smooth moves?  What is his favorite song to dance to?  What is he thinking about when he’s on stage?  Yes fellas, if you had one chance to ask one question, would you want to know if they like to take long walks on the beach or have picnics in the park?  Maybe you just want to get right down to it and ask, What is your favorite position?

Go ahead- Ask Away!

Go ahead- Ask Away!

We want to hear from you.  Let’s get our Richards talking.  We need to let them know they are not just big, buff, beautiful pieces of meat that dance for us, as we watch drooling.  We care about their likes, dislikes, dreams and fantasies.  We want to know what motivates them, drives them, turns them on etc…

You ask the questions.  It’s easy.

Just “Post your question to our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/swingingrichards, by Thursday.  Our favorite question will be answered and possibly appear in the next newsletter!”

Can’t wait to see what your questions will be?  Come out to Swinging Richards this weekend to see which Richard you are curious about and ask away?

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