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Summer Lovin’ Is Sexy

Summer lovin’ may already be on your mind. If summer lovin’ is already on your mind, then why not come to Swinging Richards this weekend and get a little preview of all the wild fun that you’re sure to have this summer. While we may not be officially in the midst of the hot and […]

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Are You Ready For (Deep) Eddy?

Swinging Richards is introducing Deep Eddy vodka to the lineup. We are now featuring Deep Eddy vodka at Swinging Richards and we are more than a little excited. This is a premium vodka that comes out of Texas and is only made with natural ingredients and essential oils. Quality aside (and we certainly think this […]

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Rainy Days Aren’t All Bad

Don’t let these rainy days get you down. These rainy days that have been clouding (no pun intended… well maybe a little) our forecasts lately may have you down in the dumps. April showers are great until it seems like you just can’t get away from the dreary weather. On top of everything you may […]

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Get Wet With April Showers

April showers bring more than just May flowers. April showers usually bring may flowers, but here at Swinging Richards we like to think of things a little differently. It’s fine and dandy to notice the bright blossoms springing up after a chilly winter. However, April showers are also a signal that it is time for you to […]

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Get Ready, Boys

Get ready boys, Atlanta’s First BARE BEAR Event is tonight. You’ve had a few weeks to get ready and now the night is finally here. Atlanta’s First BARE BEAR Event is tonight and we certainly hope you’re ready. We’ve found the manliest, hairiest men in Atlanta to grace the stage with their commanding presence. You […]

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