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We Take Pride In Our Male Strip Show

Stop by Swinging Richards for an awesome male strip show during Atlanta Pride. We know you like the way we lean with it, rock it on the main stage. We know our club is the spot for a real male strip show. We know you enjoy stiff drinks. We know you like to swallow our […]

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Strip Clubs: Boldly Visit If You Dare

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Strip Clubs: The Final Frontier. These are the nights of the Swinging Richards. Its six night mission: to explore strange new laps, to seek out new life and new ways to arouse men; to boldly dance nude like no man has danced before. Captain’s Log: We came to this planet in hopes of finding the […]

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Twerking, The Strippers Past Time

Twerk Johnny Johnny Twerk! Twerking is defined as rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshly extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal (Urban Dictionary, May 3, 2013: Urban word of the day) Miley did not invent anything. Strippers have been twerking for many moons, well before she was born.  Atlanta, known for […]

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Welcome to the Long Dong State!

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Southern boys are massive beyond the belt buckle in the “long dong state”! Howdy pilgrim! You know they like everything big in Texas, the “long horn state”. Imagine my surprise when I found out you like everything big in Atlanta too. I like to call it the “long dong state”. That’s why I whipped out […]

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