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We Got Special Candle Sticks for the 4th


All men can have great time at Swinging Richards! Do blondes have more fun? Maybe if they look like this guy, rippled 8-pack abs and well defined biceps. Although with a body like this you can have any hair color and have fun: gingers, brunettes, black hair, whatever. Swinging Richards is the place where all […]

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Who’s Up For Some Adult Fun?

Summer time is the best time for adult fun! Who’s up for some adult fun? Down in Georgia we like to shoot to hooch. Something about a slow ride in a long canoe is just plain fun. It’s relaxing too. All you need is a strong tube for shooting the hooch. Make sure it’s stiff […]

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Annual Swinging Richards Car Wash & More!

Suds and studs at the Annual Swinging Richards Car Wash! Wet t-shirt contests are played out. How about a wet undies contest instead? At Swinging Richards we like to do things differently. The hot guy with the best bulge wins! Our dancers are far from being shy. Add a little water and they turn into […]

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Swinging Richards Knows How to Drive Stick

We’ll teach you how to drive stick. Do you like to drive stick? It takes a skill to know how to put the engine in the correct gear. Driving a stick can be intimidating for many drivers, but these types of machines are very popular. Sticks come in all different shapes and sizes, but we […]

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