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What If Nude Male Strippers Were Sexy Zombies

It’s alive, it’s alive! Our sexy zombies will get you! If a zombie apocalypse happened and all the zombies were nude male strippers from Swinging Richards, would you really run? Seriously, it might not be that bad…except for the occasional limb that falls off and the eating brains thing. We’ll call it “Night of the […]

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Strip Clubs With Something More

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The booty isn’t the only thing poppin’ in Atlanta strip clubs. Oh my God! Travis…look at his !#@$. It is so big. He must be one of those Swinging Richards guys or something. Atlanta is not only known for strip clubs, it is also known for booty shakin’ music. This is the land of fat […]

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We Have the Very Best Exotic Male Dancers

If you know of a club with better exotic male dancers, please show us. Enter the dragon tonight for a thrilling time with our exotic male dancers. It’s the year of the snake, and we have a special crew of snake charmers. Each guy controls a mighty python night after night without stunt doubles. Move over […]

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Men of Steel at Swinging Richards

Have you ever seen men of steel?  Swinging Richards has men of steel every night. Those chains aren’t the only thing that’s made of steel. A body this hard must be built to last. Swinging Richards has it’s very on version of iron man six nights a week in Atlanta. Want to know why his […]

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Our Male Strippers Will Keep You Company

Male Strippers to Swoon You All Night! Are you lonesome tonight? Hop in the car and drive all the way to Swinging Richards. We offer a rat pack of male strippers unlike any you have ever seen before. Oh Frankie! Come fly with us six nights a week, although we’ll do all the swinging. Our […]

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